On the Road…. Headin’ Home!

This day is always bitter sweet. There will be a chorus of, “I don’t want to leave,” Mr. Pratt do we have to go home?”, “I could live here!” and so on. Hearing this though, tells me we have once again had a successful Nature’s Classroom adventure for 2017.

This final picture is proof that the week at Silver Bay has been special. When there is a gathering of motivated teachers, dedicated chaperones, and children with eyes as wide as the sky,  a sort of magic occurs on the banks of Lake George. Hmmm..Until next year.

Please welcome our adventurers home.



A Moment of Thanks……

Every year a group of generous organizations and people make it possible for some of our students to attend Nature’s Classroom. We are so grateful.

This picture is honor of the “support” given from friends to friends!


Many thanks to:

The Poucher Memorial Fund

The Hudson Teacher’s Association


Columbia County Mental  Health  Association

and the various Hudson City School District teachers who are always there to support our students.

A Quick Word about the Nature’s Classroom Teachers

With names like Ragin’ Cajun,  Africa, Jungle James, Long Girl, and Mood Dog, the Nature’s Classroom teachers are not only wild and crazy but, they have a way of making educational education fun and exciting. Frog and turtle dissections, salamander and mushroom hunting, dream catcher making, H2O rockets blasting, and shelter building are just some of the topics they cover. There is a level of enthusiasm exhibited by the these teachers that keep the kids coming back for more. It is these experiences that make memories for a lifetime…..especially for the 5th Graders of the M.C.Smith Intermediate School.

Here’s just a small sampling of these wonderful instructors.

Free Time is Fun Time!!!!

Every day there are windows of time that allow the kids to practically do what they want.  Well today they did and it was …. more football, that’s a surprise, fishing, chillin’, and “wading/getting soaked,” (Thanks Ms. Diego!). They had a blast. Although we’ll be home in less than 24hrs, all the kids are trying to fit in as much as they can …. and they are.  That’s a good thing.

Morning has Arrived

Like every morning the boys want to go out and play football before breakfast. I am sure that there are some that would rather play football all week. But reality soon sets in.  The girls slowly meander down from Bayview,  their dormitory,  some dressed for the day while others sporting their pajama bottoms and looking pretty comfy. The adults on the other hand are jump starting their day with some kind of hot liquid.  Who knows!

And there is always time before breakfast to a morning share from the students. They love to talk about what exciting things they’ve done so far at Nature’s Classroom. Tomorrow is the last

Hike Day………Check!

It’s been a long day to say the least but, despite the fact that the kids went on a 4hr hike, they still have a lot of energy.  The adults on the other hand….. well?

Like last year, Mr. Pratt decided to scoot up the mountain to “Inspiration Point” before any of the children. There is a wonderful place to lay, out of sight, and wait for them to arrive at this spectacular Lake George overlook.  And I waited, and waited, and waited, and then, in the distance, I heard the chatter of young voices coming up the trail. Moments later the next thing I hear is, “Whoa….Whoa…,” “Oh my god….. I can’t believe this!!!”, “This is awesome…. What the?…..” I take a deep breath and smile because this is why we work so hard at school to make this happen for these kids. They will never forget the time they rounded a tree ladened corner to see something so amazing.

Soon after someone yells, “Hey it’s Mr. Pratt….. Why is he laying on that rock over there?… He looks dead!!” It temporarily puts a damper on the moment but, I  jump up waving to let them  know I’m okay. Then we all bask in the summer-like sun.

Enjoy the photos of the day!  The night is upon us!